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Nike – Тhe Game and The Victory


Dear connoisseurs of Аncient history, welcome to the second edition of the "Nike – Тhe Game and The Victory" which is a part of the cultural calendar of Veliko Tarnovo in 2017. The event this year will be held again in the archeological site Nikopolis ad Istrum, near the Nikyup village.
The guests of the festival will see reenactments of Roman rituals, Аntique fashion, slave market, gladiatorial games, demonstrations of Roman and barbaric weapons and battles from the period of Daco-Roman and Romano-Gothic wars.
Also traditional craft market will include: Roman cuisine, demonstration of jewelry and ornaments, coinage and pottery.
Тhe participants are:
'Asociatia Culturala Tomis' from Constanta, Romania 
'Geto-Dacii sudcarpatici' from Piteshti, Romania
'Nova Roma' from Budapest Hungary
Haemus – Centre of Scientific Research and Promotion of the Culture from Skopje, Macedonia;
'Mos Maiorum Ulpiae Serdicae' from Sofia, Bulgaria
'Dux Anticae' from Svishtov, Bulgaria
'Cohors II Lucensium' from Yambol
'Sitalk - historical reconstructions' from Plovdiv
Association "The legacy of the nomadic civilizations" from Dobrich
Reenactors and craftsmen from Bulgaria

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