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Getting аround

One of the best things about Veliko Turnovo is that you can go everywhere by foot! Whether to stroll along and enjoy the beautiful architecture and the nice weather, for your fitness or if only to get your head right after hours in the pub, you can walk to  any point in town without any difficulties.

If you don’t have your own car and yet you want to travel, you can always use the public transport. Many regular bus lines operate into the city and to some of the nearby towns and villages. The ticket for the city bus costs only 0.70 leva and can be bought in the bus. For all other places outside  of Veliko Turnovo and its immediate surroundings, you can ask at the Western Bus Station or the Tourist Information Centre, located into the city centre, where you can also receive information about rental cars.

For your convenience, many taxis operate and they are not just comfortable, but are also very cheap compared to taxis in many other cities around the country. There should be a meter in every car and their tariff should be noted on the front window screen. 

For close destinations, especially for Dryanovo/Tryavna direction you can also use the train from the local Veliko Turnovo train station, and can obtain information about all trains around Bulgaria and international destinations from the train information bureau located in the city centre.