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Open air opera festival "Stage of the ages"

The ancient Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo is the successor of great cultural traditions.

In 1985, on the historic Tsarevets hill in Veliko Tarnovo, opera performances were held for the first time.

The first production was the opera “Ivaylo” by Marin Goleminov, and the second in 1987 was the opera “Tsar Kaloyan” by Pancho Vladigerov in the unforgettable monumental spectaculars staged by Plamen Kartaloff. He selected for a stage the historic site – the palace of the Bulgarian kings, where the historical events and the action in the librettos of the two operas take place. Hence the name “Stage of the Ages” was born. This marked the beginning of a unique art event in Bulgaria – an annual summer opera festival on Tsarevets hill.

In the four performances of “Ivaylo” and the six of “Tsar Kaloyan” amid the natural scenery of the historic fortress took part 800 performers – soloists, chorus singers, musicians, dancers, extras, stuntmen, recreating characters and events of the medieval Bulgarian history.

Since 2008 the summer opera festival “Stage of the Ages” is annual and attracts visitors from all over the world.

This is a dream come true for the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, for the originators, the audience of Veliko Tarnovo and the guests from across the country and abroad, to expect every summer their opera festival.

“Stage of the Ages” – a cultural phenomenon, born and living in the embrace of the historic Tsarevets fortress.